When Bespoke launched in Westfield San Francisco Centre on May 28, 2015, it was a first-of-its-kind ecosystem never before seen in the tech and retail community. While the individual components of Bespoke were tried and true (spaces for coworking, demos and events), never before had all three of these components been built to act in harmony, and never before had this type of an environment existed inside a shopping center. While the partners responsible for the launch of Bespoke – Westfield San Francisco Centre, Westfield Labs, Westfield Corporation and our venture partner Forest City – all had great expectations for the success of the space, it was indeed a grand experiment. Here we are one year later and the team is very proud to say that Bespoke has undoubtedly been a huge success, far exceeding our expectations!

Coworking: With a unique focus on the intersection of retail and technology, the coworking space has been in hot demand since launch, acting as home to more than 75 companies ranging from retail analytics companies, to ones focused on wearables, 3D printing and mobile payments including RetailNext, Dyson, Shoe Lovers and Boon + Gable. With nearly two events per week ranging from retail-tech meet-ups to the Forbes 30 Under 30 launch party, coworkers have boundless inspiration and the networking opportunities are endless. Additionally, due to such high demand, we will be expanding coworking to add 15 new private offices. The perfect 5-star rating on Yelp speaks for itself, as does the feedback from members.

Demo: The interactive demo space at Bespoke was one of the most experimental and highly anticipated areas of the ecosystem. The totally customizable and high-tech space offers companies a chance to get their products in the hands of real customers in Westfield San Francisco Centre to get real time feedback, giving visitors a chance to see the latest and greatest in retail and technology. More than 20 demos later – featuring 3D printing, virtual reality gaming from Rovio, connected home devices from Smart Home SF, wearables, and robots from Beam – there is no question that our visitors are eager to come check it out to see what’s new and what they can get their hands on next!

Events: Behind the interactive demo screens of Bespoke lies 18,000 sq. ft. of fully customizable event space that has hosted more than 50 events in the past year. With an ever increasing need for event space in San Francisco to host product launches, workshops, runway shows and more, the easily transformable nature of the space has made it ideal for events both large and small. Some recent events we’ve hosted include an event with Dreamforce, Google Ventures and Adobe, in addition to hosting a filming of VICE News: Business of Life and a panel with Polyvore CEO and Co-Founder Jess Lee. Last but not least, Bespoke was honored by BizBash as #1 Festive Event Venue in SF 2015 and by EventUp as #1 Venue in San Francisco in 2015!

While it’s amazing to see all of the individual pieces of Bespoke have been successful, we’re most excited to see that nearly half of all individuals and/or companies have leveraged more than one component of the ecosystem. Though Bespoke began as an experiment, we’re overjoyed to declare the space a success in its entirety! Stay tuned for more updates on the space as it continues to evolve. Cheers to year 2!


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